Dog Identity Tags

Everyone’s worst fear is to lose their much loved pet.
That’s why our Dog Identity Tags from Ident-a-pet provides a unique new service which is designed to help you find your pet quickly in the event of them being lost.

Dog identiy tags to help find missing pets!

Missing Ident-a-pets!

Dog identiy tags to help find missing pets!We hope that you’ll never know how it feels to have your much loved pets go missing but if they do we’ll do our very best to make sure that everyone knows about it and we can identify and reunite them with you as soon as possible.

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Mrs. Tracy Jones Middlesex

My dog Alfie went missing whilst out on a walk. We were frantic with worry.

Thankfully Alfie was registered with Ident-a-Pet. We called them and they immediately put all measures into place to find him. Their staff were exceptional and thankfully Alfie was found safe and sound.

Thank you Ident-a-Pet.

Lucy Smith Newcastle

My beloved dog Missy escaped through a small hole in a neighbor's fence whilst we were on holiday.

Thankfully we had left Missy's Ident-a-Pet registration details with our neighbour who immediately called them to say she was missing. Ident-a-Pet couldn't have been more helpful and notified all the rescue centres and police in the area.

Thank goodness as Missy has been taken to one of the centres they called and we were able to reunite her with my neighbour.

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Dog identiy tags to help find missing pets!

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How Does Ident-a-pet Work?

It costs just £2.00 a month to register your pet with Ident-a-Pet.

Just click on the 'Register Now' button and complete the simple form giving us a full description of your pet.

These details will then be entered onto our database. Your pet will then be given a unique Ident-a-Pet ID number and a disc (Pet Identity Tags) )will be sent for you to attach to your pets collar, stating their ID number and 24hr telephone number for people to call when your pet is found.

In the event of a your dog going missing we will implement our four key measures.

Dog & Pet Identity Tags - Find Missing Pets

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Our professional experience and knowledge means that we know how much your dog means to you. That’s why we’ll provide advice, assistance and liaise with you until they are found.

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